Who's behind Elixir?

Hui Zhu
Hui grew up in Northeastern China in a family of doctors who practiced western medicine. Although Hui had always trusted western medicine, her beliefs were very shaken when her mother died of diabetes at 71 years old in 2004. She needed to understand what had happened to her mother so she gave up her career as a financial controller to study traditional Chinese medicine for the next three years. Her focus then turned to natural medicine and nutrition where she attended multiple courses focusing on diabetes, cardiovascular and other aging diseases including cancers. After years of study, Hui developed her theory that poor nutrition is the root culprit; it causes cells to metabolize abnormally.

Now visiting the United States, Hui has been developing the Reviver Foods program with Harry since 2015. Reviver adopts Hui’s theory that food is medicine. By eating a plant based diet with eight nutrient groups, proper nutrition cleanses blood vessels, eliminating carbon dioxide and waste which transports oxygen and nutrients back into the cells. Cells then rejuvenate.

Harry Luan
Harry was raised in a rural area in Eastern China. He studied for bachelor’s in electronic engineering and master’s in oceanography in China before moving to the United States to pursue his PhD in physical oceanography at Oregon State University. His dream was to go into business where he could serve both his community and the environment. He is currently the Owner and President of Pleasant Paper Recycling dba Concord Recycling Center and resides in Martinez, CA.

While growing up in a rural area of China, Harry was very familiar with eating raw, fresh, plant based foods. His eating habits changed when he moved to the United States and he was diagnosed with allergies and asthma in 1989, prediabetic in 2007 and diabetes in 2010. In a quest for better health, Harry traveled back to China at a friend’s recommendation to attend a health retreat offered by Hui in April 2015. Within just a few days of Hui’s program, Harry felt much better and his blood sugar tests had significantly improved. His diabetes was completely reversed to normal numbers within one week! He continues to stay on the program to date and becomes healthier and healthier.